Mini-Coop is a …


I’m pretty stoked that we’re not having a puppy, an alien or a seahorse. We are indeed having a baby. Our little one has two legs and two arms, a great looking heart, some good looking kidneys and the cutest little nose.


Mini-Coop was wiggling all over the place, the tech would try to snap a picture and then baby would change positions. The ultrasound technician estimated that baby weighs about 15 oz (at 21 weeks)! Almost one pound! It was AMAZING to see baby’s tiny arms, legs and organs. The spine was super weird looking, and we also got to see one of the many punch/kick combos that baby has been delivering to my insides.

But, I know you just want to know if Mini-Coop is a he or a she… so I’ll let this cupcake tell you (Daniel had some GLUTEN FREE cupcakes made by BabyCakes here in Lexington, KY)



(Gluten-free Blackberry Cupcake with a PINK frosting filling!)


It’s a GIRL!!!

I’ll admit, I cried with a mouth full of cupcake.  I had thought pretty much the whole time that little Mini-Coop was a boy, so it was a little bit strange to think of the baby as a SHE! We couldn’t be more excited though, but we haven’t thought of very many girl names, so we need to get to work on that pronto!

Little baby girl Cooper, we are so glad that we got to see you today. Seeing your little arms and legs made everything even more real. Your cute button nose will receive hundreds of thousands of kisses, and we can’t wait to actually meet you! Stay nice and cozy in there, and we’re so glad to know that you are OUR little GIRL!

-Mommy and Daddy

Mini-Coop is a …

6 thoughts on “Mini-Coop is a …

  1. YAYYYY HOLLY!!! Ahhh when I start thinking about if I would “want” a boy or a girl… after every + attribute I could come up with for a boy my mind instantly throws up a + for a girl. And then it just gets too tiring to think about because no matter what they are a beautiful perfect creation of God! ^-^ Sooo happy for you.

    1. 🙂 🙂 Thank you Erika 🙂 We’re pretty stoked!!! I’ll admit, I tend to like boy names better than girl names, but we’ll have to get thinking on little girl names soon! I am looking forward to potty training being a *little* bit easier with a little girl 🙂

  2. This is so incredible! I can’t wait to meet her:) You guys will seriously be the coolest parents–which is a weird thought, but I have no doubt! Love you!

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