Mini-Coop: 23 Weeks

Baby is the size of a grapefruit!

Today we hit 24 weeks, the beginning of the 6th month! Unbelievable!! But first, a 23 week recap (that is pretty much a pregnancy-workout recap because everything is still going GREAT!)



I mentioned last week that I’m loving working out while pregnant! I walk to class 5 days a week, and that gets me in 40 minutes of walking per day! That’s pretty much the only form of “cardio” that I’m doing, and I still feel a little silly calling it cardio because it doesn’t feel quite the same as running, but it’s what feels good! Walking routes with HILLS is so fun yet challenging at the same. My walk to and from school is flat (thank goodness), but it is fun to visit the Arboretum or to walk in the hilly neighborhood when we go home to visit our families on weekends.

Aside from walking, I’ve been pretty good about getting in 2 weight lifting sessions per week! I learned a lot of great exercises when I did the LiveFit trainer, so it’s been pretty easy to make up an exercise routine!

When I do an upper body workout, I usually warm up a little bit on the treadmill (if we didn’t go to the gym right after I got home from class). Then, I usually do 3 sets of 12-15 reps of the following: Bicep Curls, Tricep Pushdowns, Bent Over Tricep Extensions, Rear Delt Fly (with resistance band), and Incline Chest Press. Sometimes I’ll add on a few Pilates-inspired moves or rows/lat pulldowns, but those are generally the exercises I go through on an upper body workout day. I only do legs once a week (if that), but I usually do squats, calf raises, abductor and adductor exercises and a bunch of SI Joint exercises (like the ones here: And I usually do 3 sets of 12-15 reps of each of those exercises as well. It just depends on the day and whatever weight I choose! I can assure you that my muscles are tired by the last few reps, but not overly so.

I’m also LOVING planks!!! I read on Fitnessista that you should do a combination for 10 second planks with a 3 second rest so that you’re really activating the muscles in your core. I like to vary the planks by doing some on elbows, some on my hands, and some on the bosu ball (elbows and hands). Depending on the day, I’ll do 10-20 planks (again, holding for 10 seconds with a 3 second rest).

The only body part I’m having trouble working out is my back. Most of the back exercises I know have you lie down on your belly, and I know baby girl doesn’t like being all smushed in there! I think I mentioned last week that bending over for more than a few seconds makes my lower back ache, so standing back extensions are out. I just need to do my research- I’ll report back!
Of course, if you’re pregnant- check with your doctor and do what your body is comfortable with. I’m fairly certain that a few months from now, my workout routine will not look the same, and I intend on doing whatever makes me (and baby girl) feel good!

So that probably wasn’t too exciting, but Daniel and I did see my family this weekend (and we ate a lot of ice cream!)

Family Summer-5

Mini-Coop: 23 Weeks

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