Cue the Waterworks

Pregnancy is definitely changing me. I’m not a big crier. I did cry at our wedding, but it’s mostly because my dad said something sweet to me right before he and my mom walked me down the aisle.jules wiegand photography-128

I’ve made it 24.5 weeks into this pregnancy with very few emotional outbreaks. But, in the past few weeks, my baby belly has “popped” (I got asked for the first time if I was expecting!!) and my emotions have been on a roller-coaster ride.

  • I cried at a commercial with a mommy and her little girl. I have no clue what the commercial was about, but it was sweet and I got overwhelmed with emotion about being a mommy to our little girl.
  • I almost cried when I found my oatmeal had boiled over in the microwave one morning.
  • I cried when Daniel and I were watching the 3rd part of Hatfield & McCoy on the History Channel. There is a lot of death/killing in the movie, but do you know what made that tear trickle down my cheek? When the dog died. I think I’m going to refrain from watching sad animal movies for a while.
  • I almost cried yesterday when my car was getting towed. I lost the one key that we had to my Honda Fit, and the car had to get towed to the Honda dealership to get a replacement made. I just felt so bad that I had lost that key!
  • Today I cried because we found out that our new landlord isn’t too crazy about tenants re-painting rooms in the house. (Fortunately, Daniel was around for this cry- and he did his best to comfort me. He said we can hang some colorful curtains. I have a wonderful husband!)
  • A few minutes after the paint-crying, I accidentally turned off the kitchen light, which led to another wave of waterworks. Now, you might think that turning off a light isn’t something to cry over (it isn’t) but for some reason, when it’s really hot or really cold, our awesome fluorescent kitchen light likes to flicker. I had already done my “broom trick” to get the light to turn on, and then I accidentally turned it off. I think this crying episode only happened because it was on the heels of the no-painting cry session.

It’s kind of fun to look back on those events and laugh about them, but I’m scared to see what ridiculous thing I’m going to get emotional over next! In other “news”, yesterday was Daniel’s 24th Birthday, now we’re the same age!!! Lots of great things coming in this 24th year of life 🙂

Okay, I’m off to do some French homework!

Cue the Waterworks

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