Mini-Coop: 24 Weeks

Baby is the size of a cantaloupe! Baby’s face is now fully formed and she’s anywhere from 10.8 inches to 11.5 inches long and weighs a little over a pound!

I’ll say it again, time is flying by! Did you miss the post where I tell you about all of the silly things I’ve cried over?


We had our first baby shower this weekend! My lovely sisters Maggie and Catherine and my mom threw us a fantastic shower! We are so blessed to have received so many things for our little one! Here are a few pictures from the shower:


I had a great time hanging out with my aunts, cousins and grandmothers. I am the 28th grandchild on my mom’s side (she has 15 brothers and sisters!!!), and I was born on December 28th. Our little girl will be the 29th GREAT-grandchild (the 15th girl great-grandchild), wouldn’t it be neat if she surprised us a day early by arriving on September 29th?


(the view from above, I still have feet!)

How I’m Feeling

Still feeling good! My lower back gave me some grief this week and I did take a few naps over the weekend, but I still feel really good! We had a doctors appointment this week, here are some updated stats!

  • Baby’s Heart Rate: 140bpm
  • Total Weight Gain: 7lbs
  • Nasty Glucose Test Drink: In my Fridge
  • Doctor in Cincinnati: Appointment made

I can’t believe I’ll be moving up to Cincinnati in about 7 weeks! Daniel moves up in a week! I’m really looking forward to getting our “nursery” all set up, especially now that we have books, toys and lots of other baby things to use!


Week 16 vs Week 24


Keep on growing little girl!

Mini-Coop: 24 Weeks

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