Mini-Coop: 25 Weeks

Baby Girl was the size of a head of cauliflower (which I think is an absolutely ridiculous comparison because babies are NOT cauliflower shaped).

This was a big week for our family! Our summer roommate moved in (we have an awesome couple moving into our house once Daniel and I are both in Cincinnati!) We picked our first zucchini out of the garden (and we also picked an ALMOST ripe tomato). We had a great “last” Lexington date night at School (mmmm grilled squid). We moved Daniel to Cincinnati and I quickly realized that having a baby belly makes moving things difficult. There were many trips to the gym and I got really sweaty on my walks to and from class because the temperature decided to spike this week.

I realized that having a baby in your belly makes you really hot, and I resort to fanning myself with pieces of paper during class. I took a few extra naps this week (because I wanted to and because my schedule allowed me to).  PS sorry for the crappy cell phone picture!


How I’m Feeling

Still going strong, although as I mentioned above, the heat is beginning to get to me a bit. There’s not much shade on my walk to class, and I might drive myself closer to campus once the temperatures get even higher. I’ve had a little bit of round ligament and general abdominal stretching pains this week, but what can you expect from carrying around a head of cauliflower plus a few extra pounds in your abdomen?


Big Changes

Well, I mentioned in the entry paragraph that we moved Daniel up to Cincinnati this week, he started his new “big boy” job. It’s a little weird for us to be living in two different places, but at the same time, it’s okay. We did the whole long distance dating deal for a long time. It sounds like Daniel will be pretty busy during these first few weeks at his new job, so I’m kind of thankful that he can just focus on that (instead of having to entertain me!) We’ll still see each other every weekend (or almost every weekend) and I can’t wait! I’m sure there will be a few nights spent in tears, but we’ve got to do what we’ve got to do!

Dear Baby Girl,
You’ve been so shy when I try to let other people feel your strong kicks and wiggles! I like to think that you “know” that it’s not my hand that’s trying to feel what you’re doing in there. Silas the dog has been sniffing my tummy lately. It might be because I keep dropping food on myself, but I also like to pretend that he’s saying “hello” to you! Your daddy told me how excited he is to meet you soon, and that made my heart melt! We’re still trying to think of names for you, sometimes we use a name when we’re talking about you, but nothing has sounded absolutely perfect yet. I think we’ll have a few names picked out, but we won’t know which one is for YOU until you arrive! Keep on growing and practice your snuggles because I’m sure we won’t want to put you down for a while 😉
Love you,
Mommy and Daddy

Mini-Coop: 25 Weeks

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