Mini-Coop: 26 Weeks (and a house tour!)


Baby is the size of a head of cauliflower! She’s also about as long as an English cucumber! WOW!

It’s no wonder that I’ve been feeling kicks/punches on both sides of my belly, she’s getting so big! My bump is officially here! You can see it even when I wear a t-shirt! I’m thinking that I might actually have to get a few maternity items, but for now my athletic shorts and some of my regular pants still fit (I just have to wear them LOW!)


At the beginning of week 26, we moved Daniel up to Cincinnati! I went to stay this past weekend, and I thought I’d take a few pictures of our new place! Our “big move” isn’t until July 28th, so please excuse the sparsely furnished living spaces.


Living Room/Entry to Kitchen (and downward-dog Silas)


Kitchen and adjoining Dining Room


Master Bedroom (With our make-shift futon bed)


Our lone bathroom (complete with a glass-block window in the shower! Love the natural light!)


Mini-Coop’s Room! (I just HAD to get something baby-related set up!)


First Belly Picture in the new House!


Still feeling great, moving part 1 went well (except when Daniel and I had to move the futon up from the basement, that was NOT fun!) I can’t wait to be up in Cincinnati for GOOD!

Geez, Louise look at that belly!

Mini-Coop: 26 Weeks (and a house tour!)

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