Mini-Coop: 27 Weeks

Baby was the size of a turnip!
Just another note- these posts are a week behind, I wanted to do a recap of each week!

Well, nothing too much to report this week! I’m pretty excited for next week’s recap- 28 weeks= third trimester! And we have a doctor’s appointment next  (actually this week) week, I’m anxious to see how baby girl is growing and I’m also ready to get my gestational diabetes screening test OVER with!


My aunt found a HUGE lot of baby girl clothes at a yard sale a few weekends ago and my mom brought up the clothes on the 4th of July. I spent some time this past weekend organizing the clothes by size and I think our little girl is going to be pretty well dressed for the first 9-12 months of her life! I didn’t expect myself to get that excited over baby clothes, but the teeny-tiny little shirts and pants make me so excited to dress her up!

Little clothes arranged by size, stashed in the bottom of the Pack n’ Play for the time being!

Baby closet! I really want to hang up all of the clothes….

I had a couple of headaches this week and I had a few days where I just felt exhausted… but I’m fortunate enough to have some nap time on some afternoons that I can use if I’m feeling super sluggish! I definitely didn’t get in nearly as many workouts as usual this week due to the heat (I drove to campus the 3 days that we had class because it was so stinkin’ hot!)

Bye bye, feet!


Sorry I don’t really have much more to report! I can just say that I’m getting more and more excited about meeting our little girl each day! I still don’t understand what she’s doing in there sometimes, the movements are so crazy sometimes!


And I FINALLY updated the “Mini-Coop” page, so it should be easy to go back and see the weeks that have FLOWN past!

17vs2717 weeks vs 27 weeks

Mini-Coop: 27 Weeks

4 thoughts on “Mini-Coop: 27 Weeks

  1. Marcee says:

    Wow …. you have a great auntie finding the treasure chest of baby clothes! Honestly. Infants go through things very-very quickly. Everything gets mighty soiled. I can assure you all the clothing will come in handy.

    In the meantime you look wonderful. Keep enjoying those naps!!

    1. YES- she hit the jackpot for sure! I’m hoping I’ll be able to pass a few things on to friends/family after she grows out of them! Gotta keep on giving!

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