Mini-Coop: 28 Weeks

Baby girl was the size of an eggplant!

Well, we’re in the 7th month! Third Trimester! WOWZA! Every week seems to be getting shorter and shorter- only 3 more weeks of class! Yippee!


This was a big week! We had our 28 week doctor’s visit (complete with the gestational diabetes screening), we had a lovely baby shower given by Daniel’s mom and sisters, and I got in a bunch of great workouts!

I totally forgot to bring out my camera for the baby shower, but I did snap this gem while I was stopped at a stop-light on my way back to Lexington after the baby shower: (see the bump?!?)


That’s pretty much Silas’ favorite way to take a car trip. If we’re around town, he sticks his head (and sometimes his whole upper body) out the window to catch the wind, but on longer trips, my leg becomes his pillow.

I am still so shocked at how much we have for our little girl! We are beyond blessed to have friends and family that give so generously, and I know we’re going to have lots of items that we’ll be able to pass along to friends/family in the future!


  • Weight Gain: 8.5 lbs (that’s the weight gain from my very first doctors appointment (pre-pregnancy weight). If I add in the pounds that I initially lost in early pregnancy (6lbs) that puts my total weight gain around 14lbs. I’ve never been able to figure out if they count that or not though!)
  • Baby’s Heart Rate: 135bpm
  • Fundal Height: 28cm (right on target!)
  • Number of Diabetes Tests Failed: 1
  • Grams of Sugar I had within 24 hours: 150g
  • Number of 3 Hour Diabetes Tests Passed: 3
  • Number of cupcakes eaten to celebrate: 0 (but I did have an awesome macaroon at my baby shower)

I failed my first gestational diabetes test. My appointment wasn’t until 1:30 in the afternoon, and I had to eat breakfast since I had class prior to going to the doctor. I read a bunch of boards that said if you ate before your test (before drinking the sugar solution), you would probably fail. Yep- I failed. My nurse said “we’re looking for a 140 or lower” (on the blood sugar meter), and I scored a whopping 184. That guaranteed me a 3 hr. appointment the following morning. The second gestational diabetes test was no fun- fasting for 10-14 hours, drinking a 100g sugar solution in 5 minutes and then getting blood drawn every hour for 3 hours. BUT- I passed and I’m glad to know I won’t have to do any major overhaul of my diet/exercise!


How I’m Feeling

I’m still feeling good! I mentioned in the beginning that this was a great week for me workout-wise, I got in a good day of lifting biceps, a great triceps workout and I even squeezed in a simple leg routine on Saturday morning. I’m really excited for Daniel- he’s doing a Rugged Maniac race at the end of August and he’s been letting me “coach” him through some of his workouts! It kind of makes me sad that I’m not running or pushing myself super hard like he is, but it’s really fun for me to get to be a part of his training!

New Friday Tradition

For the past few Friday mornings, I’ve found myself reading birth stories on various blogs. I suppose my new Friday morning tradition is sipping my coffee (half-caff) while crying into my bowl of blueberry oats. I love my new tradition!

See you all next week!


18 Weeks vs 28 Weeks

Mini-Coop: 28 Weeks

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