Mini-Coop: 29 Weeks

Baby was the size of an acorn squash-  15.2-16.7in long and 2.5-3.8lbs!

Let’s see, there really wasn’t much that happened this week (which is always a good thing!)


How I’m Feeling

Starting to feel pregnant, for sure. I’m still having some heartburn at night, but a couple of tums solves that problem. Newest symptom: aching and burning around my rib cage. I’m still pretty thankful that baby girl hasn’t found my ribs yet (or she just hasn’t decided to use them as a kicking/punching bag yet). But the rib pain really isn’t too bad, but laying down for a little while helps! Check out my “new” bellybutton:


Daniel came to Lexington this weekend to help me finish packing up the house before he does our big move next weekend. Packing makes me realize how much stuff we don’t need, I’m ready to get up to Cincinnati to start making our new place a home. I can’t wait to wash and hang/fold baby clothes!!!

Baby and I got to “help” Daniel this weekend with a workout. He’s running a Rugged Maniac race in late August, and he decided to follow their workout schedule for a while! Those workouts look HARD! Yesterday his workout was 10 rounds of the following:

  • Run 3 minutes
  • 12 Jump Squats
  • 12 T-Push Ups (push up then rotate into a side plank with one arm pointing towards the sky)
  • 24 Crossover Mountain Climbers (knee to opposite elbow)
  • 24 Jump Lunges (12 each leg)
  • 12 Plank to Push Ups (push up position, lower yourself to your forearms, push back up to pushup position, repeat)


I basically hung out in the shade while Daniel was running, and then I got to play “coach” and count his reps, check his form and give him encouragement (and I got to play paparazzi)! Part of me wanted to be working hard like he was, but it was also really cool to be able to coach him along! I like being a wife.

Yep, that’s about it! We have an appointment with our new doctor up in Cincinnati next week (well, technically this week), so I’ll be sure to include that next week!


Just to end things- bare belly pictures! My linea negra is starting to appear! WEIRD!

Mini-Coop: 29 Weeks

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