Mini-Coop: 30 Weeks

Baby was the size of a cucumber (which makes no sense to me): (15.2 -16.7 inches, 2.5-3.8 lb.)


30 Weeks!?!? Whenever I heard that someone was 30 weeks pregnant I always thought they were SO CLOSE to the end! But, now as I’m sitting here with a little baby wiggling around in my belly, I realize that there is still quite a way to go! Baby girl has got to double or triple her body weight in the next 10 weeks! And this momma’s body has got some more growing and preparing to do before we can meet our little one. I’m glad the “30’s” are here, but I also am SO READY for life to slow down a little bit so that Daniel and I can spend some precious time together. Fortunately, classes end soon and I’ll be moving up to Cincinnati for GOOD!

Triple Baby Shower


In the picture above, two of my friends from high school are also expecting babies, and we’re due within a month of one another! September 20th, September 28th (our little one!) and October 16th. We had a “triple baby” shower this weekend and my friend Tori did some amazing Pinterest inspired decorating:



Amazing! We also played a fun game where the partygoers tried to guess what features/traits the mommas would “prefer” their little ones to have:

Sense of Humor

In the end, we all want a healthy baby but it was still a fun game to play! I said it would be neat if baby had my eyes, Daniel’s hair, my nose, either smile , and Daniel’s sense of humor and temperament. That man is as cool as a cucumber in almost every situation.


And… my bff Kristen got to “come” to the shower via Skype! Technology is awesome!


Pregnancy Stats Update

Baby girl and I met our new doctor up in Cincinnati! When Daniel and I visited a church a few months ago in Cincy, I saw a very pregnant woman and decided to ask her who her OBGYN was (nothing like making a good first impression, huh?) She warned me that she had done a few homebirths and that this doctor was all about having a natural childbirth and healthy pregnancy- I was SOLD! Anyways, we went up to the doctor on Thursday and I LOVED everything about the practice. I didn’t mind my Lexington doctor, but we just never connected. I’m excited to have doctors that have similar ideas about health/wellness and it makes me wish I had found a doctor that I liked sooner!


  • Baby girl was head down at the appointment- usually I can feel a little tushie at the top of my belly near my ribcage. She still moves around a lot, but I’m glad to know that she’s been hanging out in that position for the majority of the time!
  • Weight Gain: 8lbs (although if you add in the weight that I had to gain back after losing in the first trimester, I’m at +13lbs)
  • I’m measuring “right on track” by my fundal height, this baby might just be a small one!

That’s all until next week!


My mom, me&baby and my sister Maggie!

Mini-Coop: 30 Weeks

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