Mini-Coop: 32 Weeks

Baby was the size of a squash! In my experience, squash come in all shapes and sizes, so this *might* be one of the worst “comparisons” to date!

32 weeks marked our first full week in Cincinnati! It’s much nicer living WITH your husband! We did a LOT this week:

  • Moved to Cincinnati (duh)
  • Went to TWO weddings
  • Organized the house (NESTING!)
  • Took naps
  • Went to the doctor!


Pregnancy Stats

  • Weight Gain: 8lbs (or 13 if you add in the weight that I gained after I lost weight in the first trimester)
  • Fundal Height: Measuring right on track!
  • Naps Taken this week: 4
  • Cravings: None really! I get thirsty at night, which leads to…
  • Bathroom Trips per night: 3
  • Nights of “bad” sleep: 3

So far, I’ve definitely had a VERY easy pregnancy. My body has adapted well to growing a little one! I’m pretty happy that I’ve made it this far along without any major complaints. The only thing that’s really changed is my ability to sleep. I find myself getting pretty tired around 3pm, but at night, I’ve been having trouble falling asleep (or going back to sleep after my 4am bathroom trip). Nap or no nap, there were a few nights where I just didn’t sleep well, and Daniel slept on the couch so that he could get some zzzzzz’s.


I asked my doc about my weight gain (since it seems so low compared to others) and he said that the baby felt good (head down, yeah!) and that my fundal height (pubic bone to top of uterus measurement) was right on track. He said that there are some people who just don’t gain a whole lot, and that I basically got lucky. I KNOW I’ll be putting on some pounds in these last few weeks because baby girl is bulking up in preparation to meet the world!

Check out that growing that happened in the last 10 weeks!

Fun Stuff

Daniel and I are realizing how quickly time is going, so we’re trying to get in as much fun “couples” stuff as we can! Daniel ran a 5k race on Saturday, they even had FREE beer!


Then we went for a little “coffee date” before heading to my cousin’s wedding in Louisville!



Baby girl is moving around a lot (it won’t be long before she runs out of room though!) and it’s fun to watch my belly shift from side to side.  We also got to see Daniel’s mom this week- she came up on Sunday to visit and we took her to Findlay Market for lunch! We’re going to the dog park as often as possible, and Silas and I are enjoying our afternoon walks together!

Dumb Pregnancy Moment

We have an electric stove in Cincinnati. I was getting ready to cook dinner so I turned on one of the burners. However, I forgot that I had turned it on and I noticed that the coils looked a little crooked (I didn’t want my pan to be lopsided!) Anyways, I decided to plop my hands down on the hot coils and burned myself pretty good. I looked like a fool eating dinner with my right hand submerged in a bowl of cool water. Note to self: Electric burners don’t visually tell you that they’re hot right away (unlike gas). BE CAREFUL!

See you next week!

Mini-Coop: 32 Weeks

2 thoughts on “Mini-Coop: 32 Weeks

  1. Bre Dale says:

    I just came by your blog b/c Devra recommended it to me and I am lovin’ this post- the first I have read on your blog. I am pregnant too and adore the writing style of sharing your pregnancy and life via the blog. So fun! I’ll keep tuning in!

    I blog over at

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