Mini-Coop: 33 Weeks

Baby was the size of a durian fruit! I’ve heard these are probably one of the most vile fruits around- a weird creamy interior with a super stinky stench. Baby should be 17.2-18.7 inches long (wow!) and should weigh somewhere between 4.2-5.8lbs!

There hasn’t been too much that has changed since last week, so I thought I’d do a fun survey! We visit the doc this week (week 34), so next week’s recap will have updated pregnancy stats! (Sorry for the horrible picture! There are two more almost as bad pictures at the bottom of the post!)


1. What name did you and your spouse call your baby before you knew the gender?

I think we just called it baby, maybe “it” a few times, or “the little one”.

2. When did “Oh-my-gosh-we’re-having-a-baby” really sink it?

I’m not 100% sure that ‘it has completely “sunk in” for me yet… but there are times when I think “what in the world is coming at us?” I don’t even know if it will feel real when she is actually here!

3. When you think of yourself as a mom, what’s the first thing to come to mind?

Being in the “mom club”, and by that I mean, having that special connection to all other mommies in the world!

4. Is your nursery complete? What’s the theme and what do you have left to complete?


We don’t have a theme, besides being functional! We did find a great dresser on the side of the road this past week, so I’m rearranging some of our things to make better use of our space. I’m also working on a few art projects for decorating the room! I’ll be sure to post pictures when it’s “finished”!

5. List 5 qualities you hope your baby will possess:

Love for God, Love for Others, Wisdom, Patience and Passion for life!

6. What’s your ideal labor experience?

I’m hoping that no complications arise so that I can have a natural (undedicated) childbirth! I know a lot can happen and change throughout the labor process, so I’m just hoping to stay flexible! I know that no matter what happens, we’ll be getting to meet our little girl at the end of it all!

7. List 5 things that have changed in your relationship with your spouse since you’ve been pregnant:


Daniel asks me more questions about what crazy things my body is doing. We’ve definitely made it a point to do more things together (little trips to the store, going to the dog park, taking walks, etc.) We talk a lot more about who we are- and who we want to be (who God desires us to be). We side hug more often (my belly gets in the way with regular hugs!) I think we’ve become closer though, knowing that God is entrusting us with one of his children is a pretty great thing to bring people together!

8. List 5 things you think will change once your baby arrives:


Our sleep patterns. The amount of meals that I cook (initially). I think we’ll savor quiet time together. I know I’ll fill up memory cards with pictures of our little girl, and Silas (the dog) will probably be getting less attention!

9. Where do you think you’ll be when you go into labor? Why?

Probably at home. I’m at home most of the time, but I guess it could happen when Silas and I are taking a walk, at the grocery store or if we’re visiting with friends!

10. Have you been talking to your baby? Playing music?

I talk, but not directly to my belly. And I play music, but I’m not putting headphones around my belly. I think I scared her the other day though- I dropped something in the sink and it made a really loud noise and she “jumped” in my belly (when she hadn’t been moving too much prior to that)!

11. In what ways do you hope your baby is like your spouse?


I hope she gets Daniel’s easy-going attitude! I also pray that she also learns to desire God like he does!

12. In what ways do you hope your baby is like you?

I hope that she is creative and playful. I hope that she is optimistic and positive. And, I hope that she has a WAY better sense of fashion than I do!

13. How long will you wait for the next baby, or if this is your last one, why/why not?

Let’s see how we do with one first! We’ve talked about adoption since we started dating, and that’s definitely an option that we’re still interested in pursuing! I don’t know about the when of adding another person to our family, but we’d like to have more than one kiddo!

14. What kind of grandparents do you think your baby will have?

Ones that LOVE her! Everyone is pretty excited Smile

15. Who will be with you during labor? Who will visit you in the hospital during your recovery?

Daniel will be with me during labor/delivery. We’ve told our families that they can come to the hospital, but that we’ll be taking the first hour or so after she’s born to bond, but then they’re welcome to meet her!

16. Do you have any hopes for your child’s activities? (Sports, academics, school preference, activities, etc)


We’d love for her to be active, since Daniel and I both enjoy various activities. I can’t wait to teach her how to cook (if she wants to learn)!

17. Which childhood memory do you hope your child will have (similar to one you fondly remember)?

Daniel and I both have fond memories of family vacations, so we hope that we can create some of those memories for our kids as well!

18. And finally, what “advice” do you want newly pregnant women to know?


Just know that everything is in God’s hands! Your body will go through some weird stuff, but you’re growing a HUMAN BEING inside, so try to enjoy all of the strange changes! You can still do a LOT, even though you’re pregnant. Keep active (I think it has helped me tremendously in terms of feeling good throughout my pregnancy). If you need help- ASK. And enjoy this time! It’s only 9-10 months, and it FLIES by!

IMG_5508 IMG_5507

See you next week!

Mini-Coop: 33 Weeks

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