Mini-Coop: 35 Weeks

Baby was the size of a coconut! 17.2-18.7 inches long and weighing somewhere between 4.2-5.8lbs!


Some of Daniel’s coworkers threw us a little baby shower this past week, we got tons of socks, hair accessories and other wonderful baby items 🙂 We shouldn’t have to buy ANY clothes for her first year of life- my friend Ashley passed along a BUNCH of baby girl clothes (that had been passed down to her!) It’s so crazy to organize everything and to realize how little we’ve had to spend on our little one! However, if our little girl decides to come out as a boy… we’ll be re-using the same few gender-neutral colored onesies for quite some time! Our little baby continues to be blessed by the generosity of family and friends, and I cannot wait to pass along all of our goodies once we’re finished with them! And more than just the material blessings, there have been so many people praying for our little child. It’s amazing to be surrounded by people who value family and children!

How I’m Feeling

TIRED! I can officially say that I’m tired most days. I usually find myself really wanting a nap 2-3x per week. On Thursday of this past week, I woke up, made breakfast and went back to bed for a while. Again, I’m so thankful that I have the flexibility to rest!

But otherwise- I’m still feeling good! I just kind of have to pace myself throughout the day and make sure I’ve got a little bit of down time between activities or I just feel cranky. That’s another thing, I’m feeling more emotional. The dog is annoying, my patience is running short and sometimes I just feel plain “ick” emotionally. But, we’re praying that God helps me to be kind and patient when I need to be, and that he just gives me a sense of calm whenever I might feel stressed.

We’ll be back next week 🙂 

Check out this difference!!!

15 weeks vs. 25 weeks vs. 35 weeks!






Mini-Coop: 35 Weeks

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