Mini-Coop: 37 Weeks

Baby was the size of a winter melon (18.9-20.9 inches, and 6.2-9.2lbs)

We’ve reached what the medical world likes to call “FULL TERM!” Well, we’re past full term now, but if baby girl came last week, she probably wouldn’t have had too many issues with breathing on her own! Sweet! I’ve got to say, it’s pretty neat that my body has been able to grow a HUMAN BEING to the point where she could enter the world without many problems!


Pregnancy Stats

  • Weight Gain: -1lb from last week (apparently it’s normal to lose/not gain at the end of pregnancy) which brings my total weight gain to 9lbs (or 14lbs if you include the weight I lost in the first trimester)
  • Swelling: Nope
  • Stretch Marks: Somehow missed out on those too, darn Winking smile
  • Rings: On during the day, off at night
  • Sleeping: Interrupted by bathroom breaks. I’m looking forward to having a little buddy to hang out with during those middle of the night wake-ups 🙂
  • Hunger: I definitely feel like my stomach has more space. There were a few weeks where I felt like I could only eat a few bites of a meal, but now I don’t have much of an issue at all eating a full meal!
  • Cravings: Nothing really, although I did mention to Daniel that I really wanted a McDonald’s ice cream cone and he convinced me that I needed one (I was just going to eat some yogurt once we got home, but I’m pretty happy that I got the ice cream instead). I put salt on some cantaloupe for the first time this week and it was amazing.
  • Signs of Labor: None. Baby girl just sits LOW sometimes on walks, but I feel perfectly normal about 95% of the time! Getting off of the couch and rolling over in bed is becoming more difficult just because I can’t use my abs, but no other signs that would suggest she’ll be making her appearance anytime soon!


I’m Scared

Well, this is going to be the not-so-fun and honest part of this week’s post. So far during this pregnancy, I haven’t really freaked out very much. Sure, I cried when we found out that we were pregnant and I felt 100% responsible for this HUGE life change that we were about to go through. Daniel had a few “we’re having a baby” freak-outs, but I really haven’t had any… until this week. I was already kind of on edge (emotionally) when Daniel was gone Thursday-Sunday to attend a wedding in Georgia. We both told our little one that she was NOT allowed to come while daddy was gone (she did a great job of staying put!) But there were a few nights when he was gone that I started to get nervous about not being able to reach him if labor started. More than that, he was 10+ hours away and I was worried that he wouldn’t be able to get home! But, once he got back safe and sound, I think the reality set in that we’re having a baby, and we’re having a baby SOON.

Picture sent to Daniel while he was gone

I don’t really like having plans set in stone. I’d rather keep my options open and decide when the time comes if I want to proceed with what had been “planned”. In the past, that part of me has made me a flaky and unreliable. So, when I started to think about the permanence of a baby (our CHILD) in our lives, I seriously thought to myself “I wonder if it’s too late to put her up for adoption”. The devil is obviously tugging on those strings of self doubt and second-guessing. Of course, I don’t REALLY want to give up our baby for adoption, but I’ve just kind of been avoiding the whole “I’m about to have a child” thing for the past 9 months and the worries are setting in. I’m really excited to be a mom, but when I try to think about how life is going to change, I get scared. I’m VERY thankful that I have such a wonderful support system- Daniel, our families, our old friends and our new friends.

But, I worry that I won’t be able to handle everything. I’m worried that my relationship with my husband will suffer. I’m worried that I’ll just get lost in “baby world” and that I’ll unintentionally lose touch with the things that I love. I know all of my fears and anxieties are probably pretty normal, and I’ve been praying that God just eases the fear of the unknown. I’ve been praying for peace and for strength, and I’m already “praying in advance” for those times when I know I’m going to need some help from the Lord.

After my little “freak out” sessions, I’ve walked away feeling even more excited about meeting our child. I am filled with a sense of renewed energy and gratitude of being able to go through this pregnancy journey. I am so excited to see how our little one changes me and how she will change our lives. I know that God gave us the gift of pregnancy, and I know He will equip us with what we need as we enter the world of parenting.

Fun Fact

Did you know that newborns can survive for longer than adults can without food or water? Their adorable squishy layer of baby fat helps to provide them with extra nutrition and they have relatively low metabolic rates (I mean, they’re not running around or anything), and babies tend to survive in disaster situations! Here’s a neat article on babies who survived the Earthquake in Haiti, and another article about a baby who was rescued after an Earthquake in Turkey. I just thought that it was so neat that God has equipped them to survive for a while if conditions aren’t ideal!

If our glider comes in this week, the 38th week update will have a little “Nursery Tour”!

Mini-Coop: 37 Weeks

5 thoughts on “Mini-Coop: 37 Weeks

  1. Kathy Nickel says:

    This is such a special time. You are about to experience a type of “love” you have never experienced, enjoy!.
    Love Aunt Kathy

  2. Melissa says:

    Holly, you’re going to be a wonderful mom as will Daniel be a great dad. Remember God’s plan: seek Him first. Make it a priority to grow in Him individually and as a couple, plus be sure to continue investing in your marriage when baby comes along. That’s one of the best legacies you can leave her: a strong, loving and growing marriage. It will seem at times that the “old” you takes a back seat as you whole-heartedly pour time and energy into caring for a baby. Take time for yourself. It will start out as small installments, but eventually the freedom to steal away for a couple hours will come. I personally see you involving baby coop in most aspects of your life. She’ll be watching, learning and soaking up every experience you do. You’re an amazing young woman, so it’s only fitting you’ll be an amazing mom too!
    Love you!
    Aunt Missy

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