Mini-Coop: 39 Weeks

Baby was the size of a WATERMELON!!!

Well, not too much excitement this week! Last week, Silas and I walked 22 miles!!! How cool is that? We’ve been getting out for at least 45 minutes each day, and then sometimes we’ll get out for a second short walk later in the evening (and the cat, Mowgli, usually comes with us too).


Anyways, we spent last Saturday walking all around Cincinnati when my mom and brother came to visit! It was great to show them around our “new” city- we visited Eden Park (where Daniel bouldered for a while), and we walked around Mt. Adams as we tried to find the “Farmers Market”. Turns out that it was a tiny little setup with a water cleaning company, supplements and one tiny produce stand. I need to get down to the Hyde Park Farmer’s market, it’s on my “to-do” list for THIS Sunday!


Well, our due date is today, Friday, September 28th. And we don’t have a baby… yet. BUT- my two dear friends from high school (the ones in the “triple baby shower” post) have both had their little boys! Amber welcomed her son Mason last Tuesday, and Melanie and her husband had little baby Levi this past Tuesday! And…. another friend had her little boy, Graham a few weeks ago as well! Our little one has two new little friends to meet!

Pregnancy Stats

  • Weight gain: Holding at 11lbs (or 16lbs if you count what I lost in the first trimester)
  • Baby’s Heart Rate: 140’s this time (it’s ALWAYS different!)
  • Signs of Labor: Just a few Braxton Hicks while walking (tightening), still at 1cm and 50% effaced (same as last week)
  • Rings: Back on at night actually, I guess maybe I had a few nights of swelling over the past few weeks? I don’t know, but I can wear them again when sleeping.
  • Number of Bathroom Trips: 4x at night. Probably TMI 🙂
  • Cravings: Anything sweet sounds good! Found some Pumpkin Spice Marshmallows at Walmart (they smell better than they taste, but they still taste delicious) and Daniel brought home some “just because” Pumpkin ice cream this week after work 🙂
  • Nesting: I keep freezing stuff. I froze leftover enchilada sauce, I froze a giant batch of enchiladas, I froze whatever amount of spaghetti squash wouldn’t fit in a Tupperware, I froze extra homemade pumpkin butter. Our freezer is PACKED. And now that I think about it, it’s kind of silly that I keep freezing random amounts of strange foods!
  • Names: We keep going back and forth on names! We’ve added another potential to our list… our baby has to have a name!!! Oh well, we’ll just keep talking about it until something clicks!
  • How I’m Feeling: Actually, pretty darn good despite being 39 weeks pregnant. I think I felt “crappier” last week! My ribs are getting pretty sore, and I sometimes have to take Tums 2x per day because of heartburn, but I feel relatively “normal” despite my belly poking out!


I cried when we got home from our doctor’s appointment. I told Daniel that I was frustrated and just sad that I hadn’t progressed since last week. BUT, he sweetly reminded me that our little girl is doing so much important growing and maturing, and that I should be thankful that my body is doing such a good job of getting her ready for this world. The doctor did tell us “Whenever you want to meet your baby, we can make that happen. It won’t be pleasant, and it’s not something that we like to do- but you all get to call the shots. If you want an induction, it’s yours. If you want a c-section, we can do that.” As much as I want to meet our little one, I want even more for things to get going on their own, and I really would like an un-medicated birth. Fortunately, Daniel is 100% on board with letting my body do it’s thing, so I know if I ever get close to the edge of just wanting an induction, he’ll calmly talk me back from that ledge! So yes- I guess I just came away slightly ‘disappointed’ with myself at not having made any changes since my last appointment but I CANNOT beat myself up about that! I’m going to really try to focus on really ENJOYING these last few days before our daughter comes! That means: lots of walks with Silas, lots of quality time with Daniel, naps, cooking, trips to the store by myself and more. I spent some time with Ashley and Lydia this past week as well, and I’m so thankful to have a friend who is a mommy close by 🙂 And Lydia kept giving me the cutest “angry” face while I visited, check out Ashley’s blog for Miss Lydia’s unbelievable cuteness!


Okay, that’s all till next week (or until she is BORN!)

Mini-Coop: 39 Weeks

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