Adeline: Birth Story part 1

Adeline took a while to come into our world, here is the first part of her story.

Just a friendly warning, I’m not being shy with details. I found a lot of enjoyment reading other women’s stories, and I want to have record of everything that went on.


One more note, I could NOT have done any of this without the love and support of Daniel. He was strong, encouraging and loving. I don’t know how it’s possible, but I love and appreciate him so much more deeply and intimately than before Adeline came into our lives. And I can’t imagine the experience  we would have had without the support and coaching from my mom. Thank you mom, I love you and appreciate you so much!

I hit 40 weeks, my due date on Friday, September 28th. My dear friend, Ashley was kind enough to spend some of my “due date” afternoon with me! I knew labor probably wasn’t going to start that day because I hadn’t really felt much different. I put up our 39 week recap on our due date, and spent some time with Daniel and Silas. Daniel and I decided to go to Jungle Jim’s where I thought I might have had a few mild contractions, but it may have just been gas Winking smile


Saturday rolled around and I found some “bloody show” that morning. Daniel and I went to our favorite park for some outdoors time. I took a walk for about an hour and then went to the grocery (in hopes that it would be my last grocery trip). I napped a bit on Saturday afternoon and Daniel and I decided to go see Brave at the dollar theater.


We decided to go to Target for a while just to kill some time. I started noticing very mild contractions (squeezing) on our way to the movie, coming about every 7-10 minutes and lasting no longer than 30 seconds.

By the time we got home from Target, around 10:30, I started to use the Full Term Labor & Contraction App on our iTouch to time the contractions. They were coming every 4-6 minutes, lasting for 30 seconds or so. Daniel and I just hung out for a while, he would start and stop the timer while I bounced on our exercise ball. The intensity of the contractions started to pick up around one or two am and we took a walk around the block. It was quite chilly that night! We did have the light of a full moon, and Daniel’s mom thought that the baby might be born on a full moon night!


We labored at home until about 6am, when things kind of died down. I didn’t call the doctor or the hospital, but I should have. Prior to the contractions tapering off, they were definitely bearable, but I was having to stop what I was doing and lean up against a doorway and sway my hips. We went to the hospital, I had maybe one contraction in the car but they had stopped by the time I got to triage.

7am- Arrive at hospital, get checked into triage, 3cm and 70% effaced. We are offered the option to stay, but I was pretty sleepy and emotional by this point (about 12 hours into “labor” and definitely 5-6 hours into the more intense parts of labor). We went home and I actually got to sleep for about an hour before contractions picked up again.

I hopped in the shower around 10am and the contractions started to intensify. My mom had called earlier and she was going to come up to Cincinnati for the day, and she said she would be available if I wanted or needed her help. Around 11am I called her and asked her to come over because the contractions were picking up in intensity and I was needing coaching to get through them. I wanted Daniel to be able to rest, because had already been up the whole night with me. My mom helped me through some tough labor. Silas was pretty concerned and he stayed in the room with us for most of the day.


We played an Enya station on Pandora and I used an exercise ball placed on top of our bed as support for my arms and head while leaning over and swaying my hips (and making moaning noises) during a contraction. I rested in a chair placed a few feet from the bed. Daniel took Silas to the dog park and by the time he got back home around 2pm, I was having VERY strong contractions (but I was able to breathe, rock, moan and groan through them pretty successfully). Around 6pm, we decided it was time to go to the hospital. I was having contractions every 2-3 minutes, and they were lasting about a minute. I had 4 or 5 terribly painful contractions in the car on the way to the hospital and I had a very loud contraction in the elevator with a very understanding stranger…


Part 2 is coming Smile

Adeline: Birth Story part 1

3 thoughts on “Adeline: Birth Story part 1

  1. Linda Drewitz says:

    Daniel and Holly, Congratulations on birth of your precious baby girl, Adeline! Thanks for sharing her birth story! She is very photogenic, just like her parents! So glad your Mom was able to “Coach” be there for you as well! Love, Great Aunt LInda (Proverbs 3:5-6)

    P.S. Love your Blog!!!! Very Creative!

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