10 Things about Week 1

I cannot believe Adeline is a week old today!

Here are 10 things that I want to remember about our first week with Adeline!

1. Adeline can EAT! Baby girl loves “mealtime” and mommy and daddy love that she can sleep for 3+ hours at night between feedings (probably why our transition into parenthood has gone pretty smooth so far!) She even took a pumped bottle from Daniel yesterday when I ran to the grocery. (And nursing is going well! Not without a little pain and frustration, but all things considered, we’re working well as a team!)

2. Adeline has an alter-ego: Little Miss Piggy. When she’s hungry and on the verge of crying, snorty Miss Piggy noises come out. Sometimes I make her wait a second to eat because I find the noises to be hilarious!


3. Adeline is not a blue-eyed baby. She has some (very dark) blue in her eyes… but they look mostly brown to me.


4. Daniel and I are getting the hang of this “working as a team” thing. It has been cool to see our relationship grow and develop in new ways!


5. Our friends and family are AMAZING! From fantastic meals to a clean bathroom and a freshly-washed dog, our friends and family have been so helpful and supportive in this transition time!

6. In week 1, Adeline loved all forms of “transportation”. She likes her car seat (in the car and in her Snap ‘n Go stroller) and she LOVES when daddy wears her in the Moby Wrap.

7. Her awake times are my favorite. She becomes more and more alert each day!

8. This has been a good week, and we have been able to “mesh” baby Adeline into our “normal” lives. We took her to the new REI this weekend, we went to Whole Foods and Fresh Market for samples (that’s a normal thing to do, right?), we took her to church on Sunday and we’ve even visited the dog park a few times!

9. Adeline loves peeing on daddy. I think her record is 3 times (with a poop as well) in 1 diaper change.

10. Her umbilical cord fell off today. Daniel and I were breathing through our mouths at diaper changes because it smelled so bad (it wasn’t infected or anything, but what can you expect from a rotting stump of flesh?)

11. (oops!) Being a momma is so fulfilling. It’s a feeling I can’t quite put into words. I just feel… more complete. I have a different understanding of how God sees us as his children. I have a new purpose in my life.

IMG_5834I don’t know how we are so blessed! In case you missed it, here are Part 1 and Part 2 of Adeline’s Birth Story!

10 Things about Week 1

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