Naming our Baby

Adeline didn’t have a name until about 6 hours after she was born. Daniel and I had gone back and forth (and back… and forth…) again and again on names. If Adeline had been a boy, we had one name that we both loved. Isn’t that how things work?


When we found out that we were expecting a girl, we began to do some name searching because neither of us had girl names that we really liked!

Well, fast forward 20 weeks and we were still without a name for our soon-to-arrive baby. The Wednesday before she was born, Daniel and I were headed home from Membership classes at our new church, Missio Dei, when we decided that we really needed to talk about this whole name thing.

At that time, we had two contenders:

I didn’t like Emma for our little girl because of the popularity, but I was okay with calling her Emma Grace (Grace would be her middle name). Daniel didn’t LOVE Madeleine (he “dated” a Maddie for a little while, but I aside from that, I just don’t think he liked the name all that much).


So… we had two names, but neither one of us really liked the “alternate” option.

We also struggled with the “meaning” behind the name. We wanted the name to have meaning (Holly= a tree or bush… Daniel= God is my judge), but we also wanted it to be a little bit unique. We actually have no idea how Adeline came about, I think it was a “suggested” name that came up when we searched for names like Madeleine.

Adeline means noble, and Alexandria, her middle name, means defender of men. But the choice of using Alexandria as a middle name goes back even further. Daniel has a super-awesome relative, Alexander Burns, on the Cooper side of the family. Alexander had all of these crazy adventures, maybe I can get Daniel to recap them. Anyways, he was just this super adventurous man who found himself in interesting situations, and the name has a tie back to family history- pretty neat! 


We kept the name Adeline in the back of our minds, and when delivery day came, we were still a little bit clueless as to what her name should be. Adeline arrived at 2:14am on Monday morning, and after we all got some rest that morning, we woke up and decided that she would be Adeline Alexandria Cooper.


And, because we’ve gotten lots of questions regarding pronunciation, we say her name “Add-uh-line”. We know her name probably be shortened to “Addie” down the road (which is a nickname we both like), but we’re trying our hardest to politely insist that she be called Adeline, at least for the time being 🙂 

Happy Friday 🙂

Naming our Baby

6 thoughts on “Naming our Baby

  1. Love this! If we have a boy we were going to name him COOPER! Keep on readin because I have so much information for moms and advice for staying healthy and active…its a journey thats for sure!!

  2. o2befitmom says:

    Love this! If we had a boy we were going to name him COOPER! Keep on readin because I have so much info for new moms!!

  3. Lindsay says:

    We opted not to find out the sex of our baby until the birth do we had to choose a boy and a girls name. Around 22 weeks we were set on a boys name but as for a girls we were undecided up until she entered the world. We knew her middle name would be Mary after my husbands grandmother and my paternal grandmothers middle name so we had to find something that went with that. We really wanted an old unique name and were drawn to E names- for awhile we were going to go with Evelyn, the it was Eleanor and then Everly and then Edith and then back to Evelyn. At 34 weeks we had decided on Evelyn but then 2 weeks later I told my husband I can’t decide and he agreed so we agreed to wait and meet her. Upon her arrival my husband whispered in my war I think I know which I want to go with and I knew too but I told him to go first and he said Edith which was great because that was what I was thinking too.

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