3 Weeks and Questions!

Hard to believe that Adeline has been in our lives for 3 WEEKS now! It feels a lot longer than that and the weekdays are flying by! My dad and sister flew in from California to meet our little girl this week:


We don’t have a scale, but we think she’s at (if not more than) 8lbs! Adeline is eating like a champ, but this momma is doing a trial run of life without dairy to clear up some “green poo” issues. I have never wanted to eat ice cream or cheese as much as I want to now, So far… the “green poo” issue is getting MUCH better, so I’ll stay away from dairy as long as the little one’s tummy needs me to!


Our sweet babe has also blessed us with pretty good sleep during the night! She’s usually up 4 hours after I put her down after a feeding. Those 4 hours of sleep are GREAT! She’s also only eating for 20-30 minutes at night, so from wake up till my head hits the pillow is under an hour. Momma likes that.


I’m feeling great, for being only 3 weeks post-partum, I’m really surprised at how quickly my body has gotten back to normal! I’m still taking it easy, we get out on a few short walks during the week and lifting a babe up and down all the time has any arm strengthening covered!


This weekend was full of fun! In addition to a visit from my dad, Catherine and Matthew (complete with an awesome dinner that the baby slept through at Lemongrass Thai Restaurant here in Oakley), we also went to a beautiful wedding of our friends, the Payne’s!


Adeline slept soundly through the ceremony AND most of the reception!!! And she slept well that night too (halleluia!) Daniel and I really enjoyed getting dressed up, and it was pretty fun to have people asking “Is that a REAL baby?!?” at the wedding.


We capped off the weekend with church and a walk around town. Daniel chose some craft beers at Dutch’s Larder and then we had a nursing session in the park on a beautiful fall Sunday.




If you have any topic ideas (I’ve got a post about our first few weeks of breastfeeding in the works) or any questions about ANYTHING (recovery, body after baby, a day in the life of a newborn, meals we’re eating, a post about how my dog is shedding ALL OVER THE PLACE), let me know in the comments or in a Facebook post or something!

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3 Weeks and Questions!

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