1 Month

I cannot believe that Adeline has been here for a whole month! With each passing day, she is growing and “waking up” to the world around her.We have settled into a little bit of a routine, although naps sometimes don’t happen and fussiness can seem to dominate our evenings (but it’s really not that bad!)

I don’t really know what I want her monthly update posts to look like, so they may end up changing from month to month. But for this first month, I wanted to remember some of the things that she liked and disliked, and I want to try to recap my feelings about the  month that has passed!

IMG_5755  IMG_6064
Newborn vs 1 Month

One Month Stats:
Adeline weighed 9lbs 1oz and measured at 21 inches long (38th percentile for both weight and length). We’re officially in size 1 diapers and we even tried out our gDiapers cloth diapers this past week. I’ve got several onesies that are piling up for storage, our girl has outgrown them and it makes me sad to see the tiny newborn things get packed in a box.

armsup IMG_6054

Eating, her changing pad (if she is crying and we put her down, all is well in baby-land. It’s pretty strange), when momma and daddy talk and sing, being held in the Baby Bjorn, getting to sleep next to mommy after a 5am feeding, and being held by anyone, walks in the stroller and in the Baby Bjorn, SLEEPING AT NIGHT (praise the LORD!)

IMG_5702 IMG_6074

Getting out of the bathtub, tummy pains caused by gas, tummy time (although her almost-two year old friend, Lucy, sent Adeline her favorite tummy time mat!), getting in and out of her car seat, her paci (although sometimes she loves it).


Struggles for Us:
Fussiness in the evenings, ‘green poo’ that has since gotten MUCH better, saying “NO” to activities that we want to go to but that may not work for Adeline’s semblance of a schedule, finding enough time in the day to catch all of her smiles and beginnings of coos Smile


Final Thoughts:
We are so thankful that God has blessed us with such a sweet girl. Taking care of a newborn is hard work, but I’m so thankful to have Daniel right by my side. It has been so great to have the help and support of our families and friends. From meals to phone calls and visits- we have appreciated every act of kindness that our friends and family have shown us. It’s hard to imagine that a mere month ago, Adeline was just about to enter the world. We are looking forward to seeing her grow and change, and I’m so glad that God chose us to be Adeline’s momma and daddy.


My one month post-partum post is coming up soon, have a wonderful weekend!

1 Month

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