Getting into a Rhythm

Adeline’s fifth week of life was a doozy- I’m pretty sure she went through some sort of growth spurt. Monday through Friday she took maybe one actual nap per day with a few (unpredictable) cat naps. She was also eating a LOT. Any sense of a “schedule” went out the window. Week 5 was a rough one for me- Adeline and I spent some time crying on the couch together because nothing I could do or say would console her (I suppose growing is hard work!) Daniel was as supportive as ever, and we made it through that difficult week.

Then, a switch flipped and she was back to her happy, napping self- just in time for our visit to Lexington last weekend! We are so happy that Adeline got to meet so many of our friends, family and former co-workers. It’s pretty special for us to share her with the world! We also got our first official family photos taken by our friend Melissa who started her own business, Melissa Rossine Photography. Check out this ADORABLE sneak-peek she posted last night:


Back to Adeline’s 6th week of life. We have started to get into a bit of a routine- we’re following the BabyWise “schedule” loosely, and it seems to be working great for us and for her. Adeline has been FOCUSED on getting her right thumb into her mouth this week. I hope I can snag a video of her struggle to coordinate the hand to mouth movement before she figures it out! It’s pretty hilarious how much effort goes in to getting that hand to her mouth! I didn’t capture the thumb struggle in this video, but she does give a few smiles to the camera:

I forgot to update her 1 month update post– she weighed 9lbs 1oz and was 21 inches long (38% for both weight and height)! She’s getting big, and I swear she gets heavier each morning that I pick her up! (I think I see 3 chins in the picture below…)

Adeline is also sleeping in her NURSERY! We kept the Pack ‘n Play in our room for the first few weeks because it was easier to tend to her needs, but now that we have a baby monitor ($7 from TJMaxx), she has been sleeping (successfully) in her own room!

I know blankets aren’t recommended in the crib, but they’re lightweight, Adeline hates swaddling and it’s cold. I don’t want the baby police to arrest me for trying to keep the baby warm.

Our church, Missio Dei Cincinnati, released their very first Christmas album- Advent: Let Men Their Songs Employ. It is awesome, and you can download it (FOR FREE) here. Adeline smiled when we played one of the songs this morning, so I’m convinced that she is going to love Christmas as much as I do!

We’re really glad that we’re settling into a bit of a rhythm. I know it will change and shift over the coming days and weeks, but it makes us feel like more confident parents when we can better identify and meet our baby’s needs. Coming up on Wednesday- things that I wish someone had told me before I became a mother!

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving Week!

Getting into a Rhythm

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