2 Months


Two Month Stats: 
Adeline goes to the doctor in a few days for her two month checkup (with shots, boo) and I’ll update this post with how much she has grown! She’s filling out more (check out the difference in the newborn vs. 1 month vs. 2 month photos!!!), and she lays around with her limbs stretched out instead of being all smushed into a ball.

IMG_5755 IMG_6064 IMG_6172

All of her newborn clothes are packed up. ALL OF THEM. I cannot believe how fast she outgrew (in length) all of her tiny little outfits! We’re in 0-3month and 3 month clothes now, although some are still pretty big on her. I’m actually pretty glad that we’ve moved on to bigger sizes because she has a lot more “cold weather” clothing in the bigger sizes! We’re also getting into the swing of cloth diapering, but I plan to do another post on that sometime in the near future!



Her changing pad (still!), eating, music (she kicks like crazy when one of her songs plays on her Pooh Bear bouncy seat). 

Watching mom and dad in the kitchen in her Pooh Bear bouncy seat.


Stroller rides (we take Silas on a walk almost every day!)


She loves baths, she loves being held while she falls asleep (I think all of the snuggles over our Thanksgiving visits spoiled her…) and she loves hearing mommy and daddy talk to her!


Napping, having a stuffy nose (baby girl got her first cold, sniff). She’s not a big fan of tummy time, although her head control is pretty good when she’s up on your shoulder! Here is what happens when you attempt to take a picture with a fussy baby: rapper baby-


Struggles for Mom and Dad

Setting a “Schedule”

This second month has been kind of all over the place. We had the 5 week growth spurt that threw off our rhythm, and then we got back into a groove before Thanksgiving. I think we’re beginning to understand her needs a little bit better, and we are slowly learning how to adjust our schedules and expectations to do what will benefit Adeline the most.


We were able to visit with some friends over our Thanksgiving break, but we made sure to leave early enough so that we could keep Adeline’s bedtime routine pretty normal (she was hanging out with her Grammy and Woody!) We still take her everywhere with us, but we just adjust our leaving time so that it coincides with nap time a little bit better!

The Elusive Nap

We’re still struggling with naptime a bit. We have pretty successfully gotten into the “BabyWise” plan (eat, play, sleep) with ~3 hours between feedings in the daytime. However, most of Adeline’s naps have been taken in the car (when I have an errand to run or when we’re going to visit friends) or in the stroller. She has no problem falling asleep in someone’s arms (or in the Baby Bjorn), but sometimes this momma just wants her hands free for a while! There have been numerous days where napping just doesn’t happen, and I don’t want to drive the baby around the block just to get her to snooze. Any tips for successful napping at home? 


Adeline has definitely gotten over-tired on some days where napping just doesn’t happen (or when the naps are super short), and that makes bedtime a bit difficult. The girl can fight sleep for a long time! I know we’ll get the hang of napping sooner or later, but I just want to make sure she’s getting the sleep that she needs!

Final Thoughts

It is SO COOL to see Adeline become more interactive with her world. The gummy smiles we get in the morning and beginnings of coos make those few “rough” days TOTALLY worth it. I love talking to her and watching her face light up, and Daniel really likes watching her “ride her bike” when she hears music that she likes. We like showing her the “baby in the mirror” and think that it’s absolutely adorable when she smiles at herself. 


We are pretty excited to share this Christmas season with Adeline. The lights on the tree are shining just a bit brighter, and the holiday songs on the radio sound so much sweeter. I think having Adeline around has already made this holiday season more special than the ones before!


2 Months

3 thoughts on “2 Months

  1. I love your post:-) I can remember really struggling with naps with Sophia. This time around with Jack I knew exactly what to do and it has gone so much more smoothly, there are still struggles but much better than Sophia. Here’s what we did with Sophia around 8 weeks. We adopted a “naptime” routine. Everytime we were home we did this at naptime. I’d darken the room, put on the white noise maker and then played a song softy on my Ipod, and shhh and patted her back while I walked around the room. The song was about 4 min long. Sometimes she would fall asleep right away sometimes and fight other times. But I would persist with the shhh patting until she quieted down and when she was drowsy I’d put her down in her crib. Prior to doing this I tried to just let her fall asleep in the bjorn or her bouncy seat and sometimes it would work and sometimes she would just fuss and then when i tried to put her down she’d fuss even more (overtired). With Jack I started a naptime routine right away: we swaddle, darken the room, put on the white noise and I sing to him, then shhh and pat him until he is drowsy. The only time I don’t do this routine is if we are out running errands and usually the car puts him right to sleep.The routine really helps. Consistency is so important with helping them adopt healthy sleep paterns. What we are struggling with right now is the “45 min” intruder. When they wake 45 min into a nap that should be longer. You should check out the blog Chronicles of a BabyWise Mom. It has been a life saver for me: full of great troubleshooting ideas. Especially if you’re using the babywise method, which we did. Hope this helps:-)

  2. Ashley says:

    If she likes sleeping in the car, you can always try the car seat on top of the washer or dryer (as long as you’re watching her, of course). The subtle movement and hum helps lull them to sleep and you can get laundry done – it’s a win-win!

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