Private Selection makes Entertaining Gourmet!

I have failed at telling you about this awesome program I’m in called BzzAgent. Recently, I participated in a campaign for Private Selection brand gourmet products (available at Kroger).

Private Selection has TONS of great options for serving up gourmet goodies to your friends and family. The holiday season has passed, but the gatherings of loved ones has not! Show up to your next party with pinwheel sandwiches made with Private Selection brand cheeses- choose from flavors like Buffalo Monterey Jack Cheese or Blue Marbeled White Cheddar.

We made some holiday-themed stuffed peppers for a dinner with friends (red and green bell peppers), made with quinoa, lentils, more peppers, onion, turkey bacon and chopped Private Selection brand Olives. We topped our peppers with Garlic and Herb cheese (YUM!)


We also used our Basilico pasta sauce on top of EVERYTHING!

Private Selection brand offers TONS of more gourmet options for entertaining. We weren’t fans of the Private Selection Brand Water Crackers- we even took them to our small group one night, and we brought almost the entire box back home with us.

Anyways- you should absolutely sign up for BzzAgent, and you should definitely look for Private Selection brand items at your local Kroger!

Private Selection makes Entertaining Gourmet!

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