Our Story

Daniel and I have known each other since 8th grade, when Daniel was the “new kid” at our middle school. We didn’t hang out much until our Senior year of high school when the entire senior class began to bond.

Daniel’s group of guy friends and my group of girl friends overlapped, and we were often at the same activities, parties and we were even in some of the same classes. Daniel was a soccer player and a wrestler and I ran cross country. We even attended the same church, CBC, where Daniel was baptized.

We parted ways for college- Daniel headed to UK in Kentucky and I headed to Denison University in Ohio. Daniel began his college career majoring in mechanical engineering and I was a biology major.

Fast forward to the summer before our junior years in college. May 18, 2008. Our friends were meeting at the local park to hang out and catch up after our sophomore semesters had ended. Daniel and I ended up talking the night away on the back of a friend’s pickup truck. The temperature started to drop and I offered the shivering (ok, not shivering, but cold) Daniel my extra hoody. He gladly accepted the hoody and we continued with our conversation.

Later that night, Daniel sent me a text message that said “Thanks for letting me use your hoody, I had fun hanging out tonight”. My heart started racing as I quickly texted him back. We made plans to go running the next day. We met back up at the same park and took a run on the most humid day. We ended up just walking and talking in the park. I don’t think there were many days where we didn’t see each other the rest of the summer.

Finally, on June 13th, we went on our first date to celebrate Daniel’s 20th birthday. We attended a “laser show” and had a wonderful sushi dinner. During the rest of the summer, we had a great time learning more about each other and our passion for God. We attended church together and started reading books on Godly relationships.

We dated long distance throughout our junior year, we would try to visit one another every other weekend if our schedules allowed. I cherish our phone conversations we had during that time, we were able to talk about so much without distraction.

We spent a lot of time over Thanksgiving and Christmas break together. Daniel ended up having mono during the spring semester, but he still managed to muster up enough energy to come and see me in Ohio.

That summer, we had both applied to go on a missions internship program to Kenya. I got accepted, and Daniel found another internship in San Francisco, CA. We were both scared what the summer had in store for us. We felt comfortable with the long distance relationship up to this point, but we didn’t know what being on two different continents would hold for our relationship.

You can read recaps of our summer experiences at http://www.faithtogo.wordpress.com (Holly’s Blog) and at http://www.godismyjudge.wordpress.com (Daniel’s blog). God strengthened our relationship over the summer, and He matured us and showed us the passions within our hearts. During my summer in Kenya, I decided to transfer to UK right before my senior year.

The transition to UK was not easy for me, nor was it easy for Daniel. I had a lot of unresolved issues to work out in my life, and I became depressed. School, friends, work- everything was extremely overwhelming for me. I think I cried every night for a month, I still don’t know how Daniel had the patience to put up with my blubbering, but God gave him an extra dose of Grace during that season.

Daniel proposed on December 9, 2009 over a home made dinner. I had been feeling under the weather, and Daniel whipped up a delicious Asian inspired meal of seared sesame tuna, a miso soup, and a salad with miso ginger dressing. Daniel said he had dessert, I closed my eyes, and the next thing I knew, he was on one knee with a ring. I said yes, cried for a while, and our first outing as an engaged couple was to Kroger to buy NyQuil for my sick self.

We began planning our wedding for the spring. I decided not to continue school, so I got a job and worked on our wedding.

We were married on Friday, May 28, 2010 at Duncan Memorial Chapel in Crestwood, KY. We had such a special day with all of our friends and family surrounding us.

This blog is a way for us to connect with our friends and family as we follow God’s voice and walk in His footsteps.

With Love and Blessings,

Daniel and Holly Cooper


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