4 Months

Where has the time gone? Have we seriously had Adeline in our lives for a third of the year? It doesn’t seem possible!


The weeks are definitely starting to blur together. I always thought it was funny when moms with babies didn’t know how many weeks old the baby was, but now I totally understand. You go from counting weeks of pregnancy to counting the weeks of a newborns life- but the time just passes so quickly that it just becomes easier to refer to age in months. I don’t really think of Adeline as a newborn anymore. She is interacting with her world more and more, and she is less dependent on us.

Flexibility and the Importance of Sleep

This fourth month of life definitely taught us about flexibility and sleep. I flipped through Healthy Sleep Habits, Healthy Child and the one message that I took away was:

Sleep is a NEED for a baby just like food is a NEED for a baby.

I try plan for Adeline’s feedings- I make sure I’m wearing something that I can nurse in, I try to anticipate when she’s going to eat and we find somewhere quiet to sit. HSHHC (how’s that for an acronym?) showed me the importance of preparing for Adeline’s sleep needs too. We start to lower the volume and lights (turning off the TV, getting out of crowded spaces, etc). We “set the mood” by humming and singing to her. We turn on the fan in her room. We rock and sway for a few minutes before laying her down. I try to anticipate when she will be tired (usually 1-2 hours after she wakes up), and I attempt to plan our activities around her naps.


I think this month has just really shown me that I need to RESPECT her nap times. If I do my best to allow her the sleep that she needs, we are usually rewarded with a rested, happy baby. It kind of seems silly that we cancel plans at the last minute sometimes just because she’s fast asleep, but we’re learning that the consequences of shortening a nap usually aren’t worth getting somewhere exactly on time. I first saw the book mentioned on Healthy Tipping Point, and here is one of her many posts about “sleep training” her son.

Five Minute Rule

I didn’t take much else from reading Healthy Sleep Habits, Healthy Child. There were a few “methods” for letting baby cry, not letting baby cry etc. as he or she falls asleep. We kind of established our own routine, which would be labeled as “Controlled Comfort” in the book. If Adeline is fussy after we put her down to bed (for a nap or for bedtime), we give her 5 minutes to fuss, and then she’s usually ready to take a pacifier to pass out. Sometimes she’ll just kind of “cry” herself to sleep too. If a pacifier replacement doesn’t work, we’ll try picking her up after another 5 minutes, we try for a burp, and then lay her down again. There have been very few times where the “5 minutes” rule hasn’t worked- and those times have been when she’s WAY overtired because we missed her window for getting her to sleep. I’ve nursed her down a few times when she’s just been inconsolable, but putting her down has gotten easier.

New Things


Movement– The girl loves to move! Sometimes she get’s this very determined look on her face before she flails her arms and legs. We lay her down in her pack ‘n play long ways and a few times, she has rotated a full 90 degrees.

Tummy Time– she doesn’t hate it anymore! She tries to pull her legs up under herself. Sometimes it appears like she’s trying to roll over, she’ll do her same frantic kicking when she’s on her belly and she’s almost gotten to her side a few times. I’m not too sad that she’s not rolling yet, I like being able to leave her in one place 🙂

Sitting– Adeline LOVES to sit up. In her Bumpo, on your lap and she even tries to sit up when she’s in her car seat or in her bouncy chair. Girl has some strong abs! I think she knows what “sit up” means. You can ask her if she wants to sit up, and she gets excited and flails in the same way each time. She likes to try to lick her toes when she’s sitting.


Giggles– we’ve gotten a FEW giggles from her by kissing her neck near her ear! Here’s a video of the second giggle that she ever did! I try to do ridiculously funny things each day to try to get a few giggles, but so far, I think she’s just embarrassed by me.

Food– Adeline has started to watch when we’re eating. I usually eat my breakfast when she is nursing in the morning, and she is definitely watching the spoon move from the bowl to my mouth. We’ve let her slobber on a few hunks of banana- she doesn’t quite know what to do with it, but it’s pretty fun to watch her try to do something with it. I’m not planning on intentionally introducing solids as an addition to breastmilk for a while, but we’re totally cool with letting her taste things. I’ve reserved a copy of Baby Led Weaning (one method of introducing solids to babies) to flip through. My friend Ashley used BLW with her daughter Lydia, and I know Brittany at A Healthy Slice introduced her daughter Haley to solids using BLW too! Whenever we do start solids, I’ll be sure to post our thoughts on all “introduction” methods- purees, BLW, “cereals”, etc!


Flying– Yes, our daughter can fly. But not without a little help from daddy 😉 This is a wonderful “evening activity” that helps to minimize any evening fussiness! I don’t know if she’s loving the flying so much that she forgets about being cranky, or if she’s absolutely terrified about hovering horizontally 5+ feet off of the ground! Mommy is not good at helping her fly, I’ll blame it on lack of upper body strength and having small hands.IMG_20130127_162728


She’s not a happy baby when she misses a naps. Adeline doesn’t always like putting clothes on. I’m still convinced she was born in the wrong season, she loves naked time! And socks- she HATES socks. She’ll wear them during the day, but as soon as it’s time for a nap or for bed- it’s just easier to take them off so she doesn’t spend 5 minutes trying to kick them off!


I’ll update her 4 month stats next week after her pediatrician appointment!

Is there anything else I’m missing?


4 Months