Ten Things Tuesday

1. It’s finally November. This means I can start listening to “instrumental” Christmas music. It also means that I can wear my Christmas socks without feeling ashamed.


2. I love feet, particularly these 6 feet.



3. Daniel got a pair of Vibram Five Fingers. They may be the dorkiest looking shoes alive, but he can run… without knee pain!


4. I love the colors of fall. I don’t like the fact that after the next rain, the trees will be naked for 4-5 months.


5. I successfully baked something without: A. Killing someone, B. Burning Something or C. Altering a recipe. I made Vegan Pumpkin-Molasses Cookies from Peas and Thank You. (photo from Peas and Thank You)


6. I was a Bourbon Chase runner for Halloween.


7. Mowgli sat in the bathtub for a while on Sunday. He also “bathed” while he was in there. I guess he understands the purpose of a tub.


8. My husband has “those moves” like Michael.



9. I added a nifty DailyMile banner to our blog!

Look over to the Right —>

10. After Daniel cleaned out the garden, Mowgli finally found the catnip that we planted in the spring. Happy cat. We also have more tomatoes.



Happy Tuesday!

Ten Things Tuesday

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