Mini-Coop: 13 Weeks

Week 13

Baby is the size of a peach!

Week 13 really came and went with no interruptions to normal life! I felt good this week, my eating was fairly normal, and I even stayed up till 9:30 or 10pm most nights!


How I’m Feeling

Like I mentioned above, great! My energy is pretty normal, although I do get VERY hungry if I wait too long to eat.


Although I do have more normal energy levels, I definitely can’t work out as long or as often as I could before getting pregnant. A walk/run combined with some strength training doesn’t leave me much energy for anything else active. When I was doing the LiveFit trainer, the lifting workouts would take probably 40-60 minutes, and then cardio was supposed to be added on top of that! If I’m doing any sort of “combination” workout (lifting and some cardio), I really can’t do anything more than 45 minutes.

I can WALK for a long time, but still, around that 45 minute mark, I’m ready to be finished.

Other News

I think I may have felt the baby move! It felt like a teeny tiny cell phone vibrating really low in my abdominal cavity (lol). Actually, there were a few times that I thought my cell phone was vibrating, only to find out that I didn’t have a call or any messages. It doesn’t really happen very often, but, it is a feeling that I’ve never felt before, so I’ll call it baby!

Mini-Coop: 13 Weeks

2 thoughts on “Mini-Coop: 13 Weeks

  1. Marcee .... ILLINOIS says:

    Awww …. got a way to go for us to see the bigger belly …. haha!

    “Baby” could be doin squiggles or something. You never can really know for sure.

    Glad you feel great …. much better than running to the you-know-what every hour.

    Keep eatin good things mama-to-be! Let us know what your favs of the week are.

    P.S. I’m a newbie here. Most likely a first comment.

    1. Well thanks for stopping by 🙂 According to all of the books baby is moving like crazy, it’s just so weird to think that I don’t feel 99.5% of those squiggles! An yes favorites- I’m trying to think about last week… I really liked wearing capris last week 🙂 Not a pregnancy related thing, but the weather was just SO nice!
      Nice to “meet” you!

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